Cooking & Process Control



Cooking & Process Control

Facilities are available for sophisticated control of cooking process. Staff are available to advise about specific products, such as cheese.

Cereals/Baked Goods, Meat, Dairy, Data Stations, Experimental Cheese Vats, Smoker/Cooker, Steam Jacketed Pans, Cheese Vat, Services


Mr Rod Bennett (Cheese)
Dr Patrick Janssen (Data Analysis)
A/Prof Roger Purchas (Meat)
Dr Richard Love (Process Control)

Cheese Vat
Tanks & Vessels Dairy
Cheese Press
Packing and Pressing Dairy
Cheese Vats (Experimental)
Cooking & Process Control Dairy 4 x 10 litre Restricted access
Steam Jacketed Pans
Cooking & Process Control Meat, Dairy Various sizes from 20 litres to 120 litres