March 2018 Dates for Retort Courses at The FoodBowl

The FoodBowl and Food Processing Specialists have combined to roll out an Retort Operators Course and a Retort Supervisors Course in the week beginning 19th March 2018.

For Retort Operators Course details click here

For Retort Supervisors Course details click here

Both courses will be run concurrently. The Operators course is a sub-set of the Supervisors course. The Operators course focusses solely on the retorts and how they operate. The full Supervisors course does this and adds the theory of why retorts are used and how the manufacturing processes both  before and after the retort affects the final outcome of food safety. Also added in the Supervisors course are the key food safety and quality aspects of several common types of packaging now used in thermal processing (not just cans).

Course Content Overview:
1. Introduction to the course,
2. Microbiology of thermally processed foods,
3. Principles of acidified foods
4. Principles of thermal processing,
5. Principles of food plant sanitation,
6. Food container handling,
7. Records and record keeping,
8. Equipment, instrumentation and operation for thermal processing systems,
9. Still steam retorts,
10. Still retorts operating with overpressure,
11. Closures for double seamed metal and plastic containers,
12. Closures for glass containers,
13. Flexible and semi-rigid containers
14. Overview of NZ HACCP.