While there is a tremendous value in the connections and physical assets The FoodBowl provides for both small and large businesses to undertake scale up of new ideas, our success lies in the overall client experience. We constantly want to know what’s working, as well as what other additional services we can provide.
06 Dec 2016
The FoodBowl is a supporter of the High-Value Nutrition Science Challenge, a New Zealand research consortium focused on increasing the value of Kiwi food and beverage exports by leading the development of products that can claim a health benefit.
29 Nov 2016
The FoodBowl offers a year-round continued education and networking program designed to build capability in the New Zealand food and beverage industry, from topics on sourcing and sustainability to exporting and marketing. As we approach the end of the year, we have a lot on that you might be interested in, including:
21 Nov 2016