Product Development Kitchen



Product Development Kitchen

The Product Development Kitchen at The FOODBOWL is available for companies who need a fully fitted kitchen for the completion of their work. The kitchen fit-out includes an oven, gas fired cook-top, a deep fryer, bratt pan, and both flat and ribbed griddles. The equipment is fully commercial, and is suitable for professional chefs working at the leading edge of product development, as well as for companies wishing to advance specific steps in their development cycle.

Additional equipment can be rolled into the kitchen for further capbility.

The addition of such equipment provides for the production of product samples and small production runs in their final format. This allows samples to be prepared and presented to the market for evaluation. Some companies have also been able to use the facility to make small scale production for sale in local niche markets and even supermarkets.

The combination of a state-of-the-art kitchen and a range of production equipment enables the facility to be used at all levels of product development, from conceptual work through to actual production trials. The Product Development Kitchen has also been designed as a compact area, allowing it to be leased at competitive rates that are in reach of most food manufacturers.

Additional equipment includes but is not limited to:

80ltr Steam Jacketed Vessel
Steam jacketed for quick heating
Small Batch Carbonator
35ltr batches. Perfect for proof of concept.
Planatary Mixer
1 x 20ltr, 1 x 90ltr
Abel Mixer
Blending, coating, mixing