Specialist Expertise

Each of the territories and four regional food product development centres of the NZFIN has a different focus depending on the needs, maturity, strengths and capabilities of local businesses. Between them, they offer a complementary suite of services designed to help New Zealand food and beverage businesses grow.

Process Optimisation

NZFIN can help your production process in many ways. We can help by connecting you to subject matter experts who can work with you on your process, and identify and test alternative equipment which could potentially enhance your production techniques. Results could be foods that are fresher, more cost effective to produce and have a longer shelf life. Speak with one of our Business Development Managers to see who can help with your project.


Depending on the NZFIN hub type, access to export certified facilities is available to you from small scale samples right through to commercial volumes. Please enquire with the hub you are working with about what is required to export your product to the world!

Facilities like The FoodBowl and FoodWaikato have the capacity that would allow you to commercially produce between 1 - 5 tonne a day of product. . Equipment at FoodSouth is generally of a smaller scale. All the facilities have food safety programmes (FSP). The RMP certification means you can sell these products in local and international markets.


NZFIN's parent company Callaghan Innovation can provide Research and Development funding to support the growth of your project. Speak to a Regional Business Partner now to see how to become eligible.

Business Innovation

NZFIN has a group of business mentors who can advise on designing the right business model for your project. Often entrepreneurs and project managers don't see the business operation from an overall perspective so having Better By Design consultant can often help make things more efficient and effective! Speak to your area Business Development Manager now to get connected!

New Product Development

For people looking to learn more about the basic NPD roadmap please download the Innovation Jigsaw here.

The FoodPilot is perfectly set up to undertake new product development and proof of concept work for you. Its multipurpose lab scale facility coupled with the wide range of expert food scientists in the area. The FoodPilot is the perfect, low risk place to undertake NPD before scaling up to FoodWaikato, The FoodBowl or FoodSouth. FoodSouth and NZFIN - Hawkes Bay are also able to assist firms define a pipeline for new product development, as well as scope out, develop and manage individual projects on their behalf. This includes helping companies access the appropriate skills, service providers and processing technologies available in other parts of the Food Innovation Network as well as external providers.

Commercial Production

Have you run out of production capacity? Needing a confidential space to undertake new product development? Facilities like The FoodBowlFoodWaikato and FoodSouth have the capacity that would allow you to commercially produce enough product to get things moving. The RMP certification means you can sell these products in local and international markets.

Business Development

NZFIN has connections to business mentors and advisors who can help you devise the right business plan for the right product and for the right market. Speak with one of our Business Development Managers to see who can best help you with your project. FoodSouth also has business development experience and skills to help firms identify opportunities for growth.

Market Analysis

FoodSouth can undertake market analysis and feasibility studies to evaluate a new product idea or identify new market opportunities for existing product offerings. This includes market research, innovation analysis, competitive advantage analysis, path to market and supply/value chain analysis.