Supporting the Development of the New Zealand Food & Beverage Industry

The New Zealand Food Innovation Network (NZFIN) is an accessible, national network of science and technology resources created to support the growth and development of New Zealand food & beverage business of all sizes. NZFIN also provides facilities and the expertise needed to develop new products and process from idea to commercial success.

Like other businesses tackling this issue, we are being guided by the NZ Government.

We are Essential Businesses and FoodWaikato is operating (under covid-19 special care procedures), FoodPilot is shutdown in level 4 and The FoodBowl and FoodSouth are working on limited client commercial productions.

Our staff are all either working from home, or working at The FoodBowl to enable our clients to produce and export their commercial products. As always we are available by email or phone to plan how the resource at The FoodBowl can assist your company to:

-Do top up production runs at The FoodBowl if your production facility is at full capacity keeping up with supermarket demand
-You can bring equipment into The FoodBowl’s food production premises for these productions
-Reformulation work that may be needed due to your usual ingredients not being available
-Planning your R&D work so you are ready with new health and wellness products to launch once we come out of Covid-19

Take a look at the full list of contacts for our network in the "About Us" section – we would love to help you during this time.

All workshops held at The FoodBowl are either being rescheduled or pivoting to online webinars. Please check the “Events” page for more info.

For more information on assistance you can receive from the NZ Government, visit the Callaghan Innovation site “Key Information about Covid-19”:


The New Zealand Food Innovation Network has a range of facilities available for food and beverage companies throughout New Zealand

Product Development

Product Development

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Have a fantastic food idea but don't quite know where to start or who can help?
If you are looking to export product but don't have the facilities to or RMP to get that first container over
Having difficulty solving a manufacturing problem? NZFIN can assist!
If you are a SME that is looking to set up your own manufacturing facility The FoodBowl can act as a stepping stone