A dash of innovation – Pāmu
Jan 27

A dash of innovation – Pāmu

When Pāmu (Landcorp Farming Ltd.) approached FoodPilot in 2017, they sought a range of expertise to convert their deer milk into value-add products for domestic and international markets. Within months, Pāmu and FoodPilot established a robust processing method for a medium scale commercial dryer – followed by late nights and long hours of deer milk drying trials.

“Massey FoodPilot supported and enabled Pāmu to process Pāmu Deer Milk into high value powder,” Pāmu’s Claire Hannan explains.

The result was a convenient, high-value New Zealand deer milk powder that soon found favour with cutting edge chefs in top New Zealand restaurants.

Pāmu have also started their international campaign to supply the deer milk powder for a range of cosmetic products beginning with South Korea’s top pharmaceutical company.

“Deer milk has a completely different composition to bovine milk, as such, processing comes with its challenges. The product behaved differently at each step of the handling process.”