About Us

New Zealand Food Innovation Network is a national network of facilities and in-depth knoweldge around supporting the Food and Beverage Industry of New Zealand.

Each of the four regional food product development centres has a different focus depending on the needs, maturity, strengths and capabilities of local businesses. Between them, they offer a complementary suite of services:


A semi-commercial, multipurpose production facility that’s export ready and flexible to work with you over a multitude of food, beverage and nutraceutical type products. With the ability to retain all IP you can learn the intricate know-how of producing new products and validating them in the market with very low risk. Read more about The FOODBOWL.


A knowledge rich spray drying facility located at the Waikato Innovation Park. The ability to process 500kg/hr of not just cow’s milk but other breeds of animal and plant based materials. Read more about FOODWAIKATO.


NZFIN has regional business capability through a highly experienced food technologist with detailed knowledge of East Coast, North Island contract manufacturing, capability/support providing and new product development. Read more about NZFIN - HAWKES BAY.


A research and development complex stationed in the heart of Massey University & Food HQ. Capability to test processing and conceptualisation of new products before being scaled up to the other larger processing plants within the NZFIN or elsewhere. Read more about the FOODPILOT.


South Island pilot plant with food safe compliance for local and export markets. Wide range of processing capability and equipment at (typically) 20kg to 200kg batch size, ideal for product development, process improvement, and commercial sample production. Experienced in product development, market analysis and path to export, helping you to grow your business and make connections to all relevant support through NZFIN. Read more about FOODSOUTH.


Located at the University of Otago, a pilot scale food grade product development facility, offering the food industry the multidisciplinary research expertise and capabilities to trial and develop processes and products, using conventional and novel processing technologies.