Addressing Plastic Packaging
Mar 20

Addressing Plastic Packaging

Last week The The FoodBowl’s BDM, Alasdair Baxter, attended the Sustainable Business Network‘s breakfast meeting on “Addressing Plastic Packaging”.

The room at the Grid in Auckland soon filled up with people interested in finding out more on this hot topic for the F&B Industry… and more importantly for the planet.

The SBN is doing some great work in this space and we suggest you access their excellent report here.

According to James Griffen of the SBN, we don’t even have any targets or metrics in place to measure our performance on plastic recycling.

However, it’s very clear that New Zealand is lagging well behind other OECD countries.

Now that China will no longer take away and process our plastic waste, there is a dire need for action from Industry.

It’s a complex issue but some plastics are easier to re-process than others.

If you really need to use plastic packaging, there are some very important considerations and decisions to make when you start developing a product. SBN can advise you and partner with you on this.

Callaghan Innovation have published some very useful guidelines that can be found here. We share this information with all new The FoodBowl clients.

The The FoodBowl is planning to run some workshops with the SBN in this area as part of our Green strategy – watch this space.

No doubt the Government have this issue very much on their radar, so expect some action soon – how about we all get started without the need for a push from the Beehive?

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