Beverage Technology and Commercialisation Workshop
Mar 27

Beverage Technology and Commercialisation Workshop

Event Date: Thursday 11th May, 8.30am – 4.30pm

Where: The FoodBowl, 28 Verissimo Drive, Auckland AirportCost: Early Bird $400+GST and fees. Standard ticket $500+GST and fees. Includes lunch and optional FoodBowl tour

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Beverage Technology and Commercialisation

This workshop is aimed at beverage industry participants who wish to gain a broad understanding of beverage technology and commercialisation.

It will cover the development of a beverage through R&D, processing, packing and commercialisation.

The content will be invaluable for companies of all sizes looking to rapidly up-skill their staff in the basics of this subject with practical learnings from an experienced industry expert.

It will cover RTDs, non-alcoholic beverages, carbonated and still, dairy and non-dairy.

The series will be hosted by The FoodBowl and presented by Beverage and Food Gurus (BFGS) who have extensive experience in the beverage industry in both start-ups and corporates.

The topics to be covered include:

  • Beverage liquid development
  • Beverage bottling processes
  • Beverage quality/safety
  • NZ commercialisation and contract packing
  • NZ ingredient and suppliers
  • Beverage cost analysis
  • Beverage distribution in NZ


About Beverage and Food Gurus: Beverage and Food Gurus (BFGS) is an independent food and beverage technical consultancy with a dedicated product development laboratory located in Auckland. BFGS provide unparalleled expertise in product development, business advice, coaching, technical, operations and strategic areas of food and beverage. BFGS have been responsible for the development and launch of numerous products and businesses both in NZ and overseas. They are passionate about sharing their expertise and have a unique set of skills which allows them to understand how to take a product from concept through to successful commercialisation.

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