Celebrating 10 years - Te whakanui i te auahatanga kai

15 Jun 2022 11:01:00

From its inception in 2009, the New Zealand Food Innovation Network (NZFIN) has grown from modest but aspirational beginnings. We've since fledged scores of companies and hundreds of their products and become an integral part of New Zealand's Food & Beverage ecosystem.

We created this document to celebrate the successes of the past decade, and to encapsulate what we do at NZFIN. We also hope to inspire and encourage future innovators and show what is possible with core funding in the right areas. Impact can sometimes be hard to capture, and for many of our clients this growth isn't something that can be easily shown on a dashboard or scorecard. We wanted to tell the stories of some of those clients we've helped to grow and succeed, and to inspire future food and beverage innovators.

Working with our partners and stakeholders, NZFIN is developing new initiatives and expanding capability. We do this in lockstep with the industry we serve and, just like that industry, we are continually evolving and adapting to deliver future success.

Click here to read our 10 year Impact Report.