Building a Sustainability Road Map for your Food Business
Nov 28

Building a Sustainability Road Map for your Food Business

Event Date: 28 Nov 2019

Sustainability is one of the most complex and pressing topics in today’s business environment. Everyday there is a new statistic, trend or demand for your business to navigate. But where do you start? You must grow and protect the economic prosperity of your business, continue to engage, develop and reward your staff, and it’s critical you reduce waste and your impact on the environment. So how do you strike balance between these priorities? And as climate change and sustainability issues gain ever increasing political and consumer attention, the demands on your business will continue to escalate.

A global survey carried out by Nielsen found that 81% of consumers felt strongly that companies should help improve the environment.

Building a truly sustainable business won’t happen overnight. There is no silver bullet. So, you need strategy to guide your business and to communicate to your staff, customers and other stakeholders.

A strong sustainability strategy will link to your company’s purpose and values and fit with your wider business strategy.

The seminar will break developing a roadmap down into manageable pieces.

  • Understand the key concepts in sustainability
  • Review trends in sustainability locally and globally and their impact on food
  • Get started immediately with some simple how to steps
  • Review the process to build a roadmap for the next 2-5 years

Using examples from the food industry, we will guide you through each stage. You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important for you to focus on sustainability
  • What’s likely to impact your business today and over the coming years
  • How to explain what you’re doing
  • Where and how to start developing your roadmap

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About Siempre

Siempre is a leading authority in sustainable packaging, providing best-practice approaches to process auditing, change management and corporate governance.

Leading the seminar will be Allan Birch and John Dawson from Siempre. With 20+ years experience in senior leadership roles in the packaging and hygiene industries across APAC, Allan started Siempre having seen first-hand the frustration of businesses wanting to do the right thing, but simply not knowing where to start. Often it’s feedback from customers or staff or more recently, new legislation driving the first step. Allan has worked with companies across New Zealand, Australia and Asia to take the first step and then build a plan that has delivered sustainable business outcomes for their customers and staff.

John has an extensive career in food packaging, working in a number of ANZ and global marketing leadership roles. Throughout his career John has worked closely with the food industry, gaining insights and developing solutions for many of the sustainability challenges that are being faced. John is using his global perspective and insights in the development of sustainability strategy and plans that provide a clear roadmap for sustainable business.

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