Consumer Obsessed Workshop
Oct 18

Consumer Obsessed Workshop

Event Date: 18 Oct 2019

Friday 20 September 2019 @ChristchurchNZ & Friday 18 October 2019 @Cawthron Institute, Nelson

Taking away the guesswork

Producing, packaging and promoting products in the hope they will sell is not enough. You want to know they will sell, who will buy them and why they will choose them over other options. You want to create product ranges that bring new customers to your brand, not cannibalise existing sales. You want to find the problems that no one else has designed solutions for yet, that people value and will pay for. You want to know that consumers can find your products and easily understand them. You want to remove risk.

Are you?

  • Concept testing before product formulation or product testing afterwards?
  • Creating line extensions to increase shelf exposure or to bring new consumers to your brand?
  • Creating products based on general industry trends or validating them first?
  • Aligned internally over new product direction and strategy?
  • Clear how both customers and non-customers view your products and use them?
  • Clear how meal planning and occasions drive consumers to your brand, or don’t?
  • Comfortable that pricing works for your brand and you understand price point perceptions?
  • Confident that packaging gives clear messages to shoppers on the key decision making criteria?

Does raising these issues, raises questions in your mind?

Market challenges?

Many new branded products launch every year into a SKU heavy marketplace and yet consumers express frustration that there are things they value that they cannot find. Retailers are increasingly saying no to me-too products and market complexities include more purchase options (food-to-go, online shopping and meal delivery), concern around what goes into our bodies and our environment, growth in ‘own brand’ supermarket ranges and an increasingly consumer data rich world, but a challenge to harness the knowledge.


Kristen Soper from The Shopping List is a consumer insight, market validation and category management strategist based in Christchurch. She helps companies identify rich market opportunities through rich consumer understanding. Kristen has worked in consumer insight, category analysis and range planning for McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Co-op Food – a UK supermarket.


Kristen will cover consumer centric planning, product development, market validation & category management

  • market reviews and the path to finding profitable consumer opportunities
  • building range strategy on a consumer foundation, that grows your customer base
  • the influence of meal planning and occasions on purchasing
  • in-store decision making and packaging as salesperson
  • deep dive range reviews
  • consumer testing, research & pricing options
  • how a consumer centric company thinks and makes decisions


ChristchurchNZ – BNZ Centre, Level 3, 101 Cashel Street, Christchurch. The entrance is in Cashel Mall between Spark and Michael Hill in Shades Lane – Friday 20 September 2019

Cawthron Institute – 98 Halifax Street East, Nelson – Friday 18 October 2019


Runs from 9am – 4pm, lunch & refreshments are included in the workshop fee


$300 + GST, places limited to 12

Questions and registrations to

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