Food Drying Technology Workshop

Event Date: 12 Oct 2020

All presentations will be live streamed via Zoom between 9 am and 4 pm NZ time. Participants are welcome to attend from anywhere in the world (time may not be convenient in other locations). There will be facility for remote participants to interact – ask questions and comment in real time, just as on-site participants can.

Drying is one of the most common operations in food and feed production. It is used across virtually every sector/commodity. It is critical to the quality and/or functionality of many products, and it is one of our most energy-intensive process operations. Yet it is often poorly understood and inefficient.

This short course in Drying Technology combines the practical perspective of experienced industry professionals with the in-depth technical knowledge of drying processes.

The course will start by explaining water activity in products, and how it relates to both the quality/preservation of the product and the efficiency of the drying process. We will then go on to the basics of drying theory and how this theory relates to practical application. Different types of drying systems will be explained. Principles of psychrometrics will be combined with heat & mass balance techniques to analyse and design drying processes, demonstrated using practical examples.

On Day 2, more advanced drying concepts will be explained, using practical examples to demonstrate how drying curves can be modeled and predicted based on real data. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate application of the theory. Alternative drying technologies will also be discussed, including new technologies available at FoodBowl – microwave vacuum drying and vacuum belt drying.

This course is about understanding the drying technologies used across the food and feed industries - and how we can use that understanding to improve current processes and products, or design/select new systems that are both effective and efficient.

About the Presenters:

This short course is presented by FiE in conjunction with FoodStream and The FoodBowl, Auckland, NZ.

FoodStream is an Australian company which, working with Gordon Young of FiE and process engineering specialist Dennis Forte, has been presenting practical training programs for over 20 years. We have previously presented drying programs in Australia, Thailand and Norway.

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