Food Labelling 101 - Comprehensive 2 Day Course

Event Date: 26 Feb 2019

Take the stress out of food labelling - come to this 2 day training course to learn the ins and outs of food labelling within a fun, interactive environment. This course is for people who need to understand the nitty gritty of the rules for food label compliance. Bring along your product labels and use the opportunity to upskill in this area that can cause havoc if regulators, verifier or retailer start to investigate your food labels and they are not up to scratch.


A comprehensive two day course hosted by The FoodBowl and run by McFoodies.

The course will run over two days from 9.30am to 4.30pm and lunch will be provided. The programme is as follows:

Day 1: "The Basics"

In Day 1 you will learn the core requirements to creating your label. We will help you comprehend what is required in the Food Standard Code. Topics covered in depth will include: product name/descriptions, business address, date marking, lot ID, country of origin, net quantity, directions for use and storage, processing aids, novel foods, contaminants and toxicants, prohibited plants and fungi, GM and irradiated foods and processing aids. Plenty of examples will be used to help you make sense of things. You will learn how to prepare ingredient listings that are compliant, useful for consumers and not too long! Percentage labelling of characterising ingredients will also be discussed, with further examples. Allergens and warnings associated with your ingredients and product will be covered and you will investigate and practice how to confirm whether specific additives are permitted.

Day 2: "Nutrition Information and Health Claims"

Day 2 will be a practical session using either Zubi or the FSANZ NPC calculator to calculate your nutrition information and how to present it on a label. The addition of vitamins and minerals into food will be discussed including which ones to declare. An overview of product-specific requirements will also be examined in this session. Nutrition and Health Claims related to your product will be discussed in detail. Review of numerous claims on products on the market will be highlighted, as well as where they went wrong: With recent tightening of the legislation it’s important to make sure you get it right.

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