How Branding and Intellectual Property Can Give Rise to Business Success

Event Date: 24 Mar 2020

Selling your secret sauce without selling your secret sauce.

How Branding and Intellectual Property can give rise to business success.

You’ve already had some success selling your product, your testing has garnered great feedback- and now you feel ready to share your baby with the world.

Standing out in a retail or online environment has never been so competitive. The number of ways to engage with your audience has changed to the point where it’s now hard to determine the right marketing recipe to use. This exclusive session will share some insightful nuggets to help bring you sweet success.

Before you invest in marketing and instagram consultants it’s a good idea to take a step back to avoid getting caught up in the hype. It's also a good idea to have a sound understanding of your competitive landscape and your own uniqueness.

Join our panel of Brand Designers Nik Payne & Sarah Delany of Mount Deluxe along with Jason Wach, Intellectual Property Attorney at James & Wells to talk through brand development and intellectual property issues you should consider to confidently go to market.

Key topics covered in this session:

• How to create brand stories to create meaningful customer experiences

• What makes you different and why this matters to your customer

• Creative + technical + social considerations for product packaging

• How intangible assets, competitive advantage and IP relates to your business

• How to protect your innovations and avoid infringement risk

• How to leverage your IP to attract investment, new opportunities and growth.

Walk away knowing you have given close consideration to some of the highest value assets in your company during your product development journey. Book a spot today.

About the trainers:

Creative partners Nik Payne and Sarah Delany help businesses thrive by creating engaging brands. They lead a team that offer strategic graphic design and thinking to help cultivate brands that have people coming back for more.

Jason Wach is an experienced intellectual property litigator. He has an extensive background assisting local and international Food & Beverage businesses to own and enforce their intellectual property.

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