POSTPONED: Principles of Food Preservation

Event Date: 18 May 2020

This event is postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please email if you have any questions.

This single day program provides an overview of food preservation methods, and the associated processes used in the food industry. Note that as an introductory program, there is not time for in-depth review - the aim is to provide an introduction to the various options available - and identify important factors when considering applying these methods.

The program commences with a review of “practical food microbiology” - spoilage microbes vs pathogens, what they need to grow - and therefore how they are controlled. This is followed by a discussion of raw materials - hygiene/contamination issues, and the importance of raw material quality.

Session 2 discusses basic principles of thermal processing - different levels of thermal processing used in the food industry, and factors affecting thermal destruction of microbes. A short discussion of extrusion processing explains briefly how that process works.

After lunch, the concept of food water activity is explained - how it relates to food preservation, and how we control it through drying and through food formulation. The use and limitations of chilling and freezing are also discussed.

Finally, there is discussion of fermentation processes and use of preservatives. Also some explanation of the function of packaging as it relates to food preservation - while package appearance is obviously crucial in marketing a food product, it should also be remembered that the packaging is an integral part of the preservation system for the product.

This program is aimed towards those looking at value-adding through food processing - presenting an overview of options and limitations, so that participants have a framework for in-depth exploration of the methods and issue relevant to their products.

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About the Presenters:

This short course is presented by FiE in conjunction with FoodStream and The FoodBowl, Auckland, NZ.

FoodStream is an Australian company which, working with Gordon Young of FiE and process engineering specialist Dennis Forte, has been presenting practical training programs for over 20 years. We have previously presented drying programs in Australia, Thailand and Norway.