Frequently asked questions

Please note these Frequently Asked Questions refer to The The FoodBowl, FoodPilot and FoodSouth only. Food Waikato is a special case because its sole operation is spray drying on behalf of clients.

What is NZFIN and how will you help me?

NZFIN is an easily-accessible network of industry experts, specialist facilities and equipment in various locations across the country. We will help you on your journey from initial food or beverage idea to making a commercial product for both local and export markets.

Who should I talk to about my project or idea?

Contact the Business Development Manager (BDM) located nearest to you.

Initially your local BDM will have a chat with you to understand your requirements. They may provide general advice about product development, including path to market, capability providers, funding options, etc. Your local BDM will put you in touch with whichever NZFIN facility is best suited for your project and the BDM there will support you to develop your plans for your business and/or specific trials.

If you’re not quite ready to use the NZFIN facilities, your BDM can also put you in touch with the right people outside of the network to support your progress.

What products can be processed by NZFIN?

A very wide range of foods and beverages for local and export markets. We are restricted to food grade products and are not licensed for pharmaceuticals or pet foods (unless food grade). However, for bench-scale or prototype R&D, the FoodPilot and FoodSouth may be able to conduct some projects in non-food grade labs, allowing you to test a wide range of materials.

Can NZFIN manufacture product for me on a contract basis?

NZFIN is not a contract manufacturer. At our hubs, the clients hire the manufacturing space and equipment required and make the products themselves with the support of our engineers. In some cases, we can scale-manufacture until volumes are large enough to move to a contract manufacturer. (Food Waikato is an exception in that it is a spray drying facility that contract manufactures for the clients).

Will you develop my food product for me?

FoodPilot and FoodSouth can offer a product development service if required. Alternatively, we will link you to a suitable contract food technologist to develop your product for you. Your BDM will be able to advise you on the best, most practical approach.

Can I sell the product that I make at NZFIN?

Yes, provided it meets consumer food safety and regulatory requirements. We can advise you on what you need to do on this.

How is Food Safety covered?

We have Food Control Plans at our sites. If your product is to be consumed by other people you will need to write a HACCP food safety plan for your product using our templates. We can help you with the HACCP plan and it’s usually very straight forward.

How are you funded?

Most of our income is from central government with a portion coming from customers that use us – so effectively your work with us is heavily government-subsidised.

What is the cost of using NZFIN?

Each project is different, and all our hubs offer different facilities and expertise. We work with you to develop a brief and then provide you with a quote. Because we are government-subsidised, we offer an affordable route to develop new products and processes. Your local Business Development Manager can help you through this process, and we work hard to scope a project to fit your budget.

How do you cover confidentiality and IP?

Confidentiality is fundamental to our ways of working and covered in our contracts. You can discuss your needs around IP and confidentiality with your local BDM.