Food and Feed Extrusion Technology
Jun 21

Food and Feed Extrusion Technology

Event Date: 7-9 August 2023

This 3-day (Monday 7th August2023 – Wednesday 9th August 2023: 09:00AM-5:00PM) course covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes and the formulation of extruded human food products. The program provides background in general extrusion technology and background on the use of this technology for manufacture of products such as breakfast cereals, snacks, TVP, pasta and petfoods etc.

The course applies to both single and twin screw extrusion technology and covers topics from the basics of
extruders and their configuration, through what is happening chemically and physically inside the extruder
barrel, to an understanding of extruder dies and the causes of extruder instability.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Principles of extruder configurations (single and twin screw)
  • Role of rheology in extrusion
  • Die types and effects – die design
  • Extrusion ingredients – design of formulations for extrusion
  • Preconditioning for extrusion
  • Product density control
  • Causes and effects of extruder instability
  • Screw, barrel, and die-plate wear
  • Extrusion troubleshooting

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