Food Drying Technology Workshop
Feb 12

Food Drying Technology Workshop

Food Drying Technology Workshop

When: Tuesday March 26th 8.30am to 12.30pm.

Where: The FoodBowl, 28 Verissimo Drive, Mangere, Auckland


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Price $450 plus GST, $390 plus GST early bird. Early bird ticketing cut off March 1st 4.00pm

Workshop includes morning tea.


The FoodBowl and New Zealand Food Innovation Network in conjunction with Ingetecsa and Callaghan Innovation are pleased to host a Food Drying Technology workshop.

This workshop will give a thorough overview of the theory and practicalities of drying, the pros and cons of the different drying technologies and include a tour of FoodBowl premises to view the drying equipment.

The workshop will be invaluable for companies involved in the manufacture or utilisation of dried foods.

Course Content:

  • Drying Overview: Reasons to dry food, principles of drying
  • Dewatering: Mechanical vs thermal
  • Convective and Conductive drying technologies: Theory
  • Impact of temperature and drying time
  • Batch vs continuous
  • Thermal efficiencies
  • Comparison of different drying technologies: Tray drying, oven drying, spray drying, flash drying, fluid bed drying, rotary drum drying, belt drying, paddle drying, drum roller drying, thin film drying, heated auger drying, solar drying, infrared drying, microwave drying, refractance window drying, freeze drying (conductive/convective/radiation), vacuum drying.
  • Parameters for drying measurements
  • Selection of the most suitable drying technology
  • How to improve drying efficiency
  • Drying Technologies available in New Zealand
  • Case Study

About the speakers:

Toine (Twan) van de Pol has nearly 25 years of experience in drying and cooling processes for diverse manufacturers of drying equipment. He will share invaluable insights into technical and process challenges and optimal applications of drying. Toine manages the Asia Pacific operations for Ingetecsa from the branch office in Tauranga.

Dr. Jolin Morel is a research scientist working in the Food Technology group of Callaghan Innovation, developing and scaling up processes for innovative food and nutraceutical companies. His specialization is in high value processes.

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