Harraways HARR-OS ® Oat Bites
Jan 21

Harraways HARR-OS ® Oat Bites

Dunedin-based Harraways is a locally owned and operated oat processor, manufacturing a range of oat-based products.

Harraways approached FoodSouth to help them create a new extruded snack product, baked not fried, vegan friendly and with no artificial colours or flavours.

Using FoodSouth’s extrusion and drying capability, we were able to formulate a recipe using Harraways oat flour and extrude and air bake the product into light, crunchy oat bites. Harraways then coat in a range of delicious flavours.

Harraways continue to trial new oat-based concepts at FoodSouth, so keep an eye out for further range innovation!

HARR-OS ® – Oat Bites product quality and taste has been recognised (“Outstanding New Zealand Food Producers Awards”, April 2019).