High Pressure Processing (HPP) Workshop
Dec 02

High Pressure Processing (HPP) Workshop

Event Date: 2 Dec 2019

Consumers increasingly expect food to be safe, natural, fresh and to have good nutritional value. High Pressure Processing (HPP) is being used to meet these consumer demands and create novel, exciting and minimally-processed food and beverage products.

Come and engage with leading global experts on HPP to learn more about this exciting technology.

The workshop will include an indepth technical presentation, practical session on The FoodBowl’s HPP machine and information and news on the market from Hiperbaric.

Speakers and Subjects Covered Include:

Roberto Peregrina and Ignacio Arranz (Hiperbaric Europe, HPP Equipment Supplier)

  • Global market for HPP products
  • New applications for HPP products
  • New and future technology from Hiperbaric eg bulk HPP machines

Kris Tong (FoodScope, HPP Consultant)

  • How does the process and equipment work?
  • How does the process affect food compounds / bacteria ?
  • Packaging requirements for HPP
  • Scale-up

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