High Pressure Processing Workshop
Jul 30

High Pressure Processing Workshop

Event Date: 30 Jul 2018

Consumers increasingly expect food to be safe, natural, fresh and to have good nutritional value.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is being used to meet these consumer demands and create novel, exciting and minimally-processed food and beverage products.

Come to The FoodBowl and engage with leading global experts on HPP to learn more about this exciting technology.

Subjects covered include:

The Present and Future Market and Applications for HPP (including beverage, fruit and vegetables, meat and seafood, pet food, and ready meals) – Carole Tonello, Hiperbaric Europe

HPP Research and Development – Professor Marc Hendrikx (NL) and Professor Indraweti Oey (Otago University)

HPP Equipment Demonstration – Multivac

HPP packaging and commercialisation – Kris Tong and Alasdair Baxter (The FoodBowl)

HPP validation and compliance – Torben Sorensen (Sorensen Laboratories). Note that a special separate session with MPI on validation will be offered to interested registrants on a separate date

When: Monday 30th July 2018. 8.30am – 5.00pm
The FoodBowl, 28 Verissimo Drive, Auckland
 Early Bird: $400 plus GST plus booking fee
Std Ticket: $500 plus GST plus booking fee

For more details and booking: Click here

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