HMEC (Extrusion of Plant-Based Meats)
Oct 20

HMEC (Extrusion of Plant-Based Meats)

Event Date: 20 Oct 2022

This 2 Day course (20th-21st October 2022) High Moisture Extrusion Cooking (HMEC) is used to process functional protein ingredients into meat-like textures – that is, used to make “meat analogues”. It is a specialised application of extrusion technology. While not in itself a new process, it is only recently that it has started to become more widely used commercially, at a time when the vegetarian and vegan markets are expanding rapidly, and there is increasing concern over the environmental sustainability of continued widespread consumption of animal products.

The program starts by introducing extrusion technology in general, but moves quickly to consideration of the ingredients used for HMEC. Explanation of the protein reactions required to cause texturisation alternates with presentation of the conditions required in the extruder and how to achieve those conditions. In HMEC, the design of the die is critical in firstly achieving texturisation, and secondly in controlling the type of texture produced. What is happening in the die, and the design of long cooled texturisation dies, is discussed.

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