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Have a fantastic food idea but don't quite know where to start or who can help? This pdf booklet takes you through the 5 Steps to Launching a New Food Product. It covers all areas you need to consider to go from conception to consumption:

  1. Idea Scoping
  2. Feasibility
  3. Development
  4. Testing and Validation
  5. Product Launch

After looking this over, we invite you to engage with a Business Development Manager and they can help point you in the right direction from formulation, packaging and process design to contract manufacturers and funding support.


If you are looking to export product but don't have the facilities to or RMP to get that first container over the line, The FoodBowl or FoodWaikato can help. NZFIN also has Business Development Managers that can help connect you to other contract manufacturers capable of exporting your product. If you are interested in sending your product overseas but do not know where to start, the Business Development Managers can also help guide you to professionals that will identify the best market suited to your product.


Having difficulty solving a manufacturing problem? NZFIN can assist! Speak with you area Business Development Manager to find out what experts you can access to solve that issue. Alternatively, The FoodPilot and The FoodBowl might have the facilities and equipment for you to evaluate away from your own facilities in a confidential manner before you make that next capital investment decision. The FoodPilot and The FoodBowl employ a number of process engineers that can also help with process optimization.


If you are a SME that is looking to set up your own manufacturing facility The FoodBowl can act as a stepping stone for you to pilot new processing equipment, if you are looking at specific equipment to use The FoodBowl can host new equipment for you to conduct trials before you decide it is the right piece to buy. Alternatively if you have a small problem that needs solving, speak with one of our Business Development Managers and learn what expertise exists to help you along!