How to Research and Forecast Volumes for a New FMCG Product
Jun 30

How to Research and Forecast Volumes for a New FMCG Product

Event Date: 30 Jun 2021

Join us for a webinar for startups who are looking to research and forecast volumes for new products they want to bring to market, primarily through FMCG.

This is the ideal workshop if you want to gain a better understanding of how to research the market for your product, and trying to understand what this means for production and sales volumes when your product eventually goes to market. Presenter Robert Wijchers will help you understand the basic steps you can take to help understand the potential of your product.

The webinar will cover:

  • An introduction to researching the market opportunity
  • Where to find relevant information
  • How to forecast production, sales volumes and quantities

Presenter Robert Wijchers is Managing Director of Traction Consulting and has 21 years of supermarket/FMCG experience to give you real practical insights and information on what you need to know to successfully work with supermarkets. He will focus on working with the two main New Zealand supermarket groups with information also applicable to other retail groups.

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