Increasing the Profitability of your F&B business – Insights and Easy Wins
Nov 01

Increasing the Profitability of your F&B business – Insights and Easy Wins

Thursday 23rd November | 10.00am – 12.00 noon | The FoodBowl, Auckland

Standard Price: $250 + GST + booking fees,  

Early Bird to November 13th: $200 +GST + booking fees


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As a result of global and domestic economic pressures, many F&B businesses are struggling to grow their bottom line. Furthermore, many are missing out on potential profit opportunities because they are tied up on the day-to-day transactions, tasks and servicing their customers.

This in-person workshop at The FoodBowl with Into the Blue will give you introductory insights into typical profit improvement wins that can make a huge difference to the success of a F&B business.

Who Should Attend: The workshop is perfect for Business Owners, General Managers, Commercial Managers, Accountants, Operations Managers, and Supply Chain Managers who are looking to improve the performance of their business. The workshop will be of value to businesses of all sizes and contains case studies from small businesses up to large corporates.

Scope: The workshop will cover

  • the main reasons businesses have difficulty in finding business and profit improvement.
  • where to look to find profit improvement opportunities.
  • real life, easy-win case studies.
  • how a fresh set of eyes can help focus on business performance.

About the Presenter:

John Raffaelli is a Chartered Accountant but has spent most of his working life working in the commercial world in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  He is both an experienced Commercial Manager and Business Improvement Manager.  In recent times has provided help to many businesses including small SMEs through to Corporates from his Business Advisory / Consultancy business, Into The Blue NZ Limited.

John prides himself on being able to provide rapid improvement to every business in which he has been involved



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