Kiwi Salmon making big waves – New Zealand King Salmon
Jan 27

Kiwi Salmon making big waves – New Zealand King Salmon

Operating out of sunny Nelson, New Zealand King Salmon (NZKS) is making big waves in the local economy with its premium salmon products.

But it’s the team at The FoodBowl which helped the innovative company scale up to be able to further expand the exciting product range.

Employing more than 500 staff in the region, NZKS was already a significant contributor to the local Nelson economy, with the local market making up approximately 46 percent of sales, along with a strong export base in Asia, North America and Europe.

To add further value to the product range, the company developed a mouth-watering Salmon Dip that is a game-changer for consumers craving the ultimate summer snack to accompany them on their next classic Kiwi adventure.

Without the manufacturing capacity at their existing site, the team at NZKS reached out to The FoodBowl to assist in the upscale of this exciting innovation. “The FoodBowl team have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable in guiding us through this process of scaling-up with them,” NZKS Product Development Technologist Mylene Mera says.

“We had no available capacity at our current site and so we needed to look further afield for a site with an RMP (Risk Management Programme) so that we could send samples overseas if required,” Product Development Manager, Victoria English says.

“The FoodBowl ticked all those boxes for us.”

As sales grow for this product, the time spent at The FoodBowl gave NZKS the confidence to bring the process in-house and a significant capital investment on equipment and plant will be made in Nelson in early 2022.

“The FoodBowl have been able to provide a great deal of knowledge via their networks such as equipment suppliers which have helped us immensely along the way.”