Liposomes for the New Zealand Food Industry
Dec 04

Liposomes for the New Zealand Food Industry

Event Date: 4 Dec 2019

Liposomes are encapsulation systems that provide stability against a range of environmental, enzymatic, and chemical stresses. They have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industries because of their biocompatibility, biodegradability, absence of toxicity, small size, and ability to carry a wide variety of bioactive compounds. Recent technological advances mean that Liposomes now offer enormous potential to deliver different functional compounds in food and beverage systems.

The FoodBowl would like to introduce Dr Crispin Eley from Bio-up Mimetic Technologies Inc [USA]. Dr Eley is a pioneer in liposome aided food supplement delivery systems on an industrial scale and will introduce this technology to NZ as the first market expansion outside of the USA.

This represents a unique opportunity for NZ Food and Beverage companies to become market leaders in a food revolution which focusses on health benefit efficiency rather than simple dose rate in the delivery of a wide range of food supplements. BMT technology also ensures that benefits can now also be incorporated in regular food and beverages rather than solely within specialised health supplements. The workshop therefore appeals to a large cross section of the NZ food industry. This includes:

  1. Beverage companies who not only wish to add value to current beverage offerings but who may also wish to participate in licensing arrangements for beverage products currently marketed in USA.
  2. Companies wishing to incorporate benefits from liposomal supplements through inclusion within solid food matrices – health bars, breakfast cereals, instant noodles, smoothie and ice cream mixes to name only a few applications.
  3. Supplement companies wishing to ensure their products are delivered at optimal levels for human health benefit.
  4. Investors wishing to participate in a potential revolutionary growth sector of the NZ food industry.
  5. Retail operators who wish to participate in presentation of dried powdered consumer liposomal supplements currently being marketed in USA.

Dr Eley will provide detail about the wide range of possible applications, the characteristics of these products and how participants can benefit. Opportunities will be described for the following food industry sectors:

  • NZ dairy companies and dairy product distributors
  • NZ health food companies
  • NZ marine extracts companies
  • NZ breakfast cereal companies
  • NZ beverage companies
  • NZ oil seed companies
  • NZ health food and supermarket scale retailers
  • NZ new industry investors and promoters incl. NZ government bodies.

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