Freeze Drying

Freeze drying food uses a process called lyophilisation or cryodesiccation to lower the temperature of the product to below freezing, and then applying a high degree of vacuum to extract the water from the food form of vapour. The vapour collects on a condenser, turns back to water and is removed. Finally, a gradual temperature rise extracts all remaining ‘bound’ moisture from the product. This process retains the physical structure of the food product, making it easier to re-hydrate the product at a later date. Freeze drying, as for all forms of drying helps to preserve the food. Products sensitive to oxidation may need the application of special packaging, and the use of gas flushing, which is also available at The FOODBOWL.

Cuddon LT 80 Freeze Dryer

80 ltrs of water extraction per 24hr cycle

Blast Freezer

4x Blast freezers. -40 degrees capability