The FOODBOWL has a number of automated and manual packaging machines available. The units are very flexible, with the exception of the thermoformer, and able to be set up in all parts of The FOODBOWL. Please enquire for the full range

Multivac Thermoformer

R1451, 2, and 3 lane variants. Gas flushing, vacuum sealing. Flexible, semi-rigid and rigid formats.

Multivac Vacuum Sealer

c500Double chamber machine capable of gas flushing and vacuum sealing. Multiple pouch sizes.

Unique Flow Wrapper

Ability to flow wrap (top and bottom) a wide range of sizes. Gas flushing capable. 50mm - 300mm width. 100mm - 800mm length.

Multivac Tray Sealer

T250Gas flushing and vacuum sealing capability. 9" x 7" and 97mm round.

Linapak - Gusseted Pouch Filler

Wet and dry filling capability. Small, medium and large sizes with spouted options for liquids

Continuous Band Sealer

Heat sealing of stand up pouches etc

Apex Labeller

High speed adhesive labeling machine

Linx Date Coder

Date code application

Foot Heat Sealer

Foot operated heat sealer

Carton Shrink Wrapper

For outer shrink wrapping of packaged good