Evaporating & Drying

The FoodPilot has the largest range of pilot scale evaporators and drying capability in New Zealand.

A wide range of equipment for reducing water content is available. Engineering staff with industrial experience can advise about drying and evaporation conditions.

Dairy, Seafood, Meat, Freeze Drier, Spray Dryer (GEA), Spray Dryer (Niro), Twin Drum, Dryer, Vacuum Evaporator (APV), Vacuum Evaporator (Falling Film)


A/Prof Steve Flint (Dairy, Microbiology)
Dr Andrew East (Fruit & Vegetables, Freeze Drying)
Dr Patrick Janssen (Milk Fat Technology)
Dr Tuoc Trinh (Milk Powders)
Mr Michael Parker (Evaporation)

Cuddon Freeze Dryer

4 trays per 24 hr cycle



Saturn Spray Dryer

A bench-top spray dryer that has a water removal capacity of 1L/hour at inlet/outlet temperatures of 200/85C.

Spray Dryer (Small)

1L/hour water removal capacity at inlet/outlet temperatures of 200/85C

Niro Spray Dryer (Large)

30litres/hour water removal capacity. Compact and multi stage dryer (MSD) configuration. Compact configuration uses dryer and baghouse.

Vacuum Evaporator

This is a rising film, batch (non-continuous) evaporator, it has an evaporation capacity of approximately 50kg/hr

Twin Drum Dryer

Evaporation & Drying Dairy, Seafood, Meat Steam heated rollers, variable speed. Total drum surface area: 0.125m2.