The South Island hub of the New Zealand Food Innovation Network (FOODSOUTH) is focused on business development for food and beverage companies. We work with businesses to achieve their goals of growth, development and export.
FOODSOUTH's new purpose-built product development facility consists of three independent food safe processing spaces, plus a mobile product development kitchen.

These high quality development spaces and equipment are available for hire to:

  • Develop product prototypes for market validation
  • Trial new equipment
  • Carry out scale-up trial work, and small scale manufacture (typically 20L to 200L batch sizes)
  • Conduct process development and improvement
  • Validate quality systems
The suite of equipment at FOODSOUTH covers an array of standard food manufacturing unit processes, and is able to process a wide range of food and beverage products. Applications include bakery products, snack foods, sauces, powders, beverages and meat products. We also have access to an extensive selection of processing capbilities through our wider innovation network.‚Äč
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Specialist expertise in:

Process Optimisation

Business Development

New Product Development