General Processing

FoodSouth is able to process a wide range of food and beverage products. The equipment and processing areas at FoodSouth have been specifically designed to allow maximum flexibility so that relevant equipment can be assembled in each room as required to meet each client’s needs. Equipment available covers an array of standard food manufacturing unit processes. Contact our Business Development Manager for an Equipment List and to discuss your requirements.

Stephan Mixer

UM24. Vacuum processor, jacketed for hot and cold. 24 litres.

Planetary Mixers

Hobart Planetary Mixer - 3 speed, selection of beaters, 20kg; Spiral Mixer HS40, 45 litres.


2 x Silverson type emulsifiers: 1.5kW, 10-50 litres; 2.2kW, 50-100 litres

Vessels/Jacketed Pans

Various jacketed pans, 50 litre to 400 litre capacity. Steam/Hot water heated, agitators, heating and chilling.

Heat Transfer

Deck Oven (Gam); Rack Oven (Van Roy); Gas Fired Oven (Babar); Steam Oven (Convotherm); Deep Fat Fryer; Plate Heat Exchanger; Heat Pump Dehumidifying

Drum Mixers

2 x 50 litre Flamingo stainless steel rotating drum mixers. For coating, dry blending, massaging meat.

Baking Equipment

Divider/Moulder/Rounder (Paramount); Moulder (Formatic).

Separation/Size Reduction Equipment

Centrifuge (Heraeus); Plate and Frame Filter - 100 litres/hr, batch or continuous; Vibratory Screen Sifter.


Flow Wrapper (TecnoPack FP015 EVO); Liquid Piston Filler - 10-280ml single head; Viscous Material Piston Filler - 10-280ml single head; Auger Filler.


Blast Freezer/Chiller - Scope, 45kg; Fridge; Freezer; Tiny Freeze Drier.