FOODWAIKATO, New Zealand’s first and only independent spray dryer capable of developing new products, from concept to commercialisation. The commercial sized processing plant provides scale up opportunities and access for independent milk suppliers and nutritional bands looking to produce milk or ingredient powders.

FOODWAIKATO, specializes in the manufacture of Sheep, Goat and Nutritional powders for local and export markets. “Our aim is to grow New Zealand Companies and Export Opportunities”.
  • New Zealand’s first and only independent product development spray dryer
  • 10.5m-high stainless steel dryer, weighing 7.5 tonne
  • Build cost $17 million
  • 65,000 ltr of milk production a day
  • Formulation processing plant for Nutritional powders
  • Produces a half a tonne per hour of spray dried powder
  • Construction completed in April 2012, operational in May 2012
  • Focused on manufacture of sheep, goat and nutritional powders
  • Ability to spray dry fruit and vegetable waste pulp into pure powders
  • NZ Food Safety Authority export certified

FOODWAIKATO is independently owned and was built by Waikato Innovation Park to deliver open access. We are a proud partner to the New Zealand Food Innovation Network (NZFIN).

Our services support the growth and development of New Zealand food & beverage business of all sizes by providing facilities and the expertise needed to develop new products and process from idea to commercial success.

We are happy to receive enquiries throughout New Zealand and are directly focused on assisting food & beverage business from the Coromandel to Taranaki.

Our business growth team can help by offering free support, connections and access to funding. You don’t have to be on the Park to access this service as we work with businesses across the Waikato.

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