Market validation before capital investment – Sanford
Jan 27

Market validation before capital investment – Sanford

Sanford is one of New Zealand’s largest companies and is devoted to the farming, harvesting, processing and marketing of quality seafood and aquaculture products.

However, Sanford Business and Product Development Manager Adrian Grey explains, increasing emphasis is being placed on utilising Sanford’s natural resources for more than just raw material in the traditional sense. “The FoodBowl is the perfect place to make prototypes, test concepts and help commercialise our added-value export ideas,” he says.

Sanford has carried out multiple projects at The FoodBowl over a five-year period to produce a wide range of high-value marine nutraceutical ingredients, including fish oils, proteins and mussel extracts.

“The FoodBowl allows us to experiment on different raw materials and processes to get results we needed,” Adrian says. “It has a very extensive range of equipment and their engineers can tailor the set up to suit our needs. The FoodBowl really opened our minds to the possibilities.”

Because the The FoodBowl has an export RMP, the company was able to make samples of the new products to show overseas. “This is an incredibly valuable service when trying to develop business and engage with export clients.”

Callaghan Innovation’s strong links to both Sanford and The FoodBowl were also a big factor in the success of many of the projects. For example, Sanford took advantage of Callaghan expertise to commercialise mussel extracts using their Super Critical CO2 equipment housed at The FoodBowl.

“The work at The FoodBowl helped give Sanford the confidence for further investment and acquisitions in marine extracts.”

This has culminated in the building of a brand new $20 million Marine Extracts facility in Blenheim.

“Our product is completely validated before we even open the doors and that is an incredibly strong position,” Adrian says. “The FoodBowl has great people and is very customer-driven. We have had excellent experiences working there. It can really make a big difference to de-risking and fast-tracking your business development.
“New Zealand food businesses are privileged to have such a wonderful resource.”