New Product Development for Start-Ups
Oct 17

New Product Development for Start-Ups

When: Wednesday 29th November, 8.30am – 4.30pm
Where: The FoodBowl, 28 Verissimo Drive, Auckland Airport
Cost: Early Bird $300+GST and fees (Limited Time ONLY). Standard ticket $400+GST and fees.

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Do you have a great idea for a food or beverage product but not sure where to start to bring it to reality? Then this intensive one day workshop is for you.

Presenter John Evans, Managing Director of The Blend Group, will bring his wealth of experience developing and commercialising food and beverage products to give you practical insights and information on the development and commercialisation of your own products for the New Zealand market.

The workshop will give you a pathway to commercialisation with practical knowledge and tools to accelerate the development of your products and avoid the many pitfalls along the way.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Food and beverage development process
  • The use of flavours and colours in development
  • Quality and regulatory requirements
  • NZ commercialisation and contract packing
  • NZ ingredient and packaging suppliers
  • Costing analysis including costing template
  • Retail distribution options and margin analysis

About The Blend Group:

Beverage and Food Gurus is an independent food and beverage technical consultancy with a dedicated product development laboratory located in Auckland. BFGS provide unparalleled expertise in product development, business advice, coaching, technical, operations and strategic areas of food and beverage. They have been responsible for the development and launch of numerous products and businesses both in NZ and overseas. They are passionate about sharing their expertise and have a unique set of skills which allows them to understand how to take a product from concept through to successful commercialisation.

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