Non-thermal pasteurisation treatments for food and beverages
Feb 26

Non-thermal pasteurisation treatments for food and beverages

Non-thermal pasteurisation treatments for food and beverages

When: Tuesday 30th April 2024

Where: The FoodBowl, 28 Verrisimo Drive, Mangere, Auckland

Time: 9.00am to 12pm

Morning tea at 10.30am

Price: $350 plus GST. Early Bird : $295 plus GST before April 9th

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What we will cover:

The consumer demand for minimally processed foods has been rapidly increasing. The food industry has been adapting to this challenge and there have been multiples advances in the development of innovative non-thermal preservation techniques that can be used to maximise quality, nutrition or process efficiencies in solid and liquid foods and waste streams.

In this workshop we will cover the theory and practice of non-thermal food processing technologies:

  • Raslysation:  UV treatment from Lyras which extends the shelf life of liquids and/or reduces microbial loading.
  • HPP – High Pressure Processing to extend shelf life in foods and beverages
  • PEF: Pulsed electric field – a method that uses bursts of high voltage on food and beverages to achieve microbial inactivation, modification of food structure, or process efficiencies.
  • Other technologies summary – ultra high pressure homogenization, sterile filtration, bactofuge, irradiation.


Attendees will learn the principles of each technology before viewing machinery in-situ at The FoodBowl.

This workshop is ideal for food industry professionals looking to gain an insight into the opportunities and benefits provided by these technologies.

The FoodBowl is grateful for the support of Hiperbaric who have sponsored this workshop.


Kris Tong  (Foodscope) – High Pressure Processing

Indra Oey (Otago University),  Lily Liu (TLL Food Technology) – Pulsed Electric Field

Robby Iremonger (Lyras) – Raslysation UV treatment

Jolin Morel (Callaghan Innovation): Other technologies


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