Ārepa has a mission to empower great achievements though optimal mental clarity. That mission has produced an all-natural, revolutionary new drink that combines science, nature and technology to reduce brain fog, tension and fatigue.

Founder Angus Brown, in partnership with world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Andrew Scholey, has spent over four years developing Ārepa, prototyping and clinically researching the drink through The FoodBowl and The Centre for Brain Research at The University of Auckland.

Ārepa, which means Alpha in Māori, is made with a formula of unique New Zealand plant extracts and Japanese green tea compounds that target alpha brain waves, which are associated with a relaxed but alert mental state commonly known as flow.

Ārepa is 100% natural, caffeine-free, and packed with polyphenols and antioxidants; and with a base of organic juice from Hawke’s Bay apples and Canterbury blackcurrants, it tastes as good as it’ll make you feel.

The FoodBowl helped Angus connect into Callaghan Innovation which assisted in funding two projects. The first was via the Getting Started Grant which Angus was able use to help with formula optimization through Professor Andrew Scholey. “The Getting Started Grant was a great tool for us to use to get off the ground and undertake some research into the viability of the project and what an ideal formula looks like.” Brown said.

Once the formula was developed, AlphaGen obtained funding under a Callaghan Project Grant to undertake a clinical trial at The Centre for Brain Research. “Without the Callaghan Innovation Project Grant funding we wouldn’t have been able to conduct a clinical trial. By doing this we get closer to validating the product and becoming a more credible nutraceutical company which is a goal of ours” said Brown.

A fast, free-flowing brain sets the dominos in motion for better health all through the body. Ārepa is rated 5/5 on the new Health Star rating and its combination of ingredients, such as pine extract and Vitamin C from New Zealand blackcurrants, promote an additional myriad of health benefits. These include support of muscle structure and function, circulation, cell protection, collagen formation, normal metabolism and the immune system.

Ārepa is a product of AlphaGen (short for Alpha Generation), the company Brown founded to explore the synergy between food, nature and science 4 years ago.

"Losing two grandparents to cognitive diseases spurred a passion to understand our minds,” explains Brown. “I turned to science to learn what really drives and invigorates us, ultimately developing Ārepa to help with brain function and overall health.”

In order to create a suitable shelf life, Angus investigated non-thermal processing due to the sensitivity to heat the precious extracts in the formula had. The FoodBowl connected Angus to experts in this field who were able to undertake trials and complete approved HACCP documentation which gives Angus the confidence when talking to supermarkets and distributors overseas.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a reasonably novel technology to the New Zealand Food Industry which uses extremely high pressure instead of heat to kill bugs that would usually deteriorate the product.

“The FoodBowl has been pivotal for us, without having access to machines like the HPP we wouldn’t have been able to test out different formulations before committing to scale up. The HPP is also an incredibly expensive bit of kit which our budget would definitely not stretch to purchasing just yet” Brown added.

Ārepa has recently launched into the market in grocery stores and online. Brown aims to start exporting to the UK in early 2017 and is in negotiation with a Japanese distributor.

Ārepa is created by neuroscience and sourced in nature to induce mental clarity.