Al’s Hot Sauce – When Scale Up Gets Spicy


What do you do when your hot sauce is possibly the best in the country? Make more of course! But, as many small food companies know, transitioning from the kitchen to scale production comes with a unique set of challenges. This is exactly what Alistair was facing when he approached FoodSouth looking for advice on how to build his brand and make that leap through production and regulatory hurdles into the New Zealand Food Industry.

Luckily, the team at FoodSouth were soon in action. Operations Manager Grant Titheridge with years of experience running his own contract manufacturing business was able to quickly identify the equipment required and provide a detailed breakdown of a suggested manufacturing process which could be built in Al’s Geraldine premises. In addition, Grant’s network of equipment and ingredients suppliers removed contact barriers, allowing Alistair to go directly to the people who could get what he needed.

When starting out in the food industry, compliance can also seem like a daunting challenge, with small companies easily becoming lost. Thanks to FoodSouth’s Compliance Manager Jane Petrie, any regulations could be quickly identified and handled allowing Alistair to deliver consistent and most importantly, safe product to his adoring fans.

So, next time you’re at a South Island New World, taking a casual stroll past the sauce isle, keep look out. You might see a Geraldine based hot sauce staring back, with the confidence of the experts behind it