Apollo Foods


Supporting the NPD Cycle - from start to finish - & back again!

Apollo Foods Limited (AFL), Hawke’s Bay was established to explore ways to add value to the significant volume of process grade apple available in the region. Ross Beaton, the CEO and founder approached the NZ Food Innovation Network (April 2013) for assistance to explore the value add products that could be formulated from this raw material base. The objective was to create a range of products for both domestic and export markets opportunities.

The NZFIN BDM based in Hawke’s Bay supported AFL to develop an R&D programme to enable a range of value added opportunities to be explored. This programme was supported via technical funding from Callaghan Innovation and involved accessing a range of services from NZFIN’s internal and external network.

The development of a range of beverage products based on the inherent properties of apples became the core focus. A feasibility study was completed to identify the most appropriate processing technology to meet the company’s product quality and export aspirations. The technology selected was due to its scalability, flexibility and the ability to achieve the required shelf life under ambient conditions. A Hawke’s Bay based beverage technologist developed formulations that were then trialed using the Xenos aseptic filling technology at The Food Bowl in May 2014. The products generated were used for market development activities and initial shelf life assessments. Access to this technology on a large scale pilot basis was critical to enable the project to proceed to the next phase.

In parallel with the above, a project was completed at The Food Pilot to explore options for processing the by-products resulting from the juicing process. This work involved engagement with the Bioprocessing Alliance (BPA) team and Plant & Food health & nutrition scientists.

The next phase of R&D is now in the planning stages to enable launch of a range of textured beverages, smoothies and functional products. NZFIN services will be accessed again to support these developments.

Apollo Foods are committed to developing fully traceable, high quality beverage products that can be successful on both the domestic as well as export markets. Apollo Foods is currently targeting launch of an FMCG branded lifestyle beverage business in 2017.