Cedenco - Drying Technology Evaluation


Cedenco are a fruit and vegetable ingredient manufacture based in Gisborne producing a range of high value ingredients that go into food products around the world.

In 2016 Cedenco engaged with The FoodBowl for a confidential project assessing drying technologies and different recipes for an exported dried vegetable ingredient. “We have known about the FoodBowl since it opened and have visited the site many times. It was the specific equipment and expertise that drew us to The FoodBowl this time” say Jo Nelson, Cedenco’s Marketing Manager

The benefit to Cedenco was that they could quietly undertake the assessment of a new technology before making the investment at a much larger scale. “We are evaluating the business case to set up a freeze drying facility in Gisborne. We encountered a very specific quality issue with one of our key products so the project was designed to specifically test how Cedenco’s process could be changed to increase the quality attribute the customer required.” Explained Nelson.

The project was split over a number of days which produced a large amount of samples for Cedenco and their overseas customer to test. “We have submitted samples to our customer who have conducted a number of final product formulation tests. Next month we will meet thing them for a final review of the results. At this stage things are looking positive and it is likely we now understand the process changes required to move the project forward.” Explained Nelson.

Cedenco had a positive experience from their productions - “The staff’s expertise and professionalism were better than we expected. The team were well organised, customer centric and were always keen to help out if required.”

If the project is successful and we make the investment we expect the FoodBowl to become a pivotal part of our R&D. Explained Nelson.