Chia Sisters - Hemp Protein Smoothie


Tucked away in sunny Nelson, it would be easy to think that the balmy weather would soon lull an innovative thinker off to sleep under the nearest tree. This may in fact be the case, if it wasn’t for the dynamic energy of the Chia Sisters and their quest for plant-based nutrition that’s good for your health and the planet. Not only have they developed and commercialised a range of Chia based beverages and juices, they have also converted their Nelson plant to run on solar power!

Recognising the trend towards clean green protein, The Chia Sisters approached the NPD team at FoodSouth/University of Otago and tasked them with creating a new range of smoothies incorporating a generous helping of hemp protein. These had to be stable on the shelf, contain no added sugar and most importantly, look and taste like they had been bottled by the sun itself. Due to the relocation of staff within FoodSouth, NPD Technologist Alex Nicolle started development work until handing it over to Dr Tobias Richter, the newest member of the FoodSouth technical team.

By utilising Chia Seed’s intrinsic gelling properties, the team was able to develop a smoothie with a unique mouthfeel, while protecting the hemp protein from the ill effects of heat and low pH. The result of this teamwork was a range of great looking smoothies, each packed full of protein, omega 3 fats and dietary fibre.  So, the next time you’re in Nelson, be it bagging peaks in the national park or finding that tree in the sun. Grab a bottle of The Chia Sisters’ Superfood Smoothie and recharge your protein the natural way.

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