CocoWow coconut yoghurt embodies a love of wholesome food, a desire for wellbeing and an appetite to push the boundaries.

The founders and owners of The Bowser, Jess and Brian Astridge, have set out to create much-needed clean energy food on-the-go. The pair found that in today’s hectic world it can be easy to turn towards food that cloud your mental focus and contain little nutritional value. They set out to develop products packed to the brim with ingredients that support your body and mind, packaged in convenient portions to compliment busy lifestyles.

Utilising Brian’s background in food process engineering and science, and Jess’s understanding of the market, the former New Zealand Age Group triathletes launched their first product, Chia-go in 2014.

After a successful experience, they were ready for their next challenge - a coconut yoghurt like no other. Cocowow is a live cultured dairy free yoghurt made from the liquid of coconut. It’s dairy and gluten free, paleo and vegan friendly, and contains a fraction of the fat content other options.

“No one else in the world has produced a dairy free yoghurt made from coconut that has such good nutritional, texture and flavour profile without the use of gums, pectins or artificial ingredients,” Brian said.

CocoWow was developed through the New Zealand Food Innovation Network, utilizing the Food Pilot at Massey University for research and prototyping, followed by commercial runs at The FoodBowl. Brian and Jess also had the opportunity to attend and display at the Auckland Food Show as a guest of ATEED. This opportunity allowed The Bowser to showcase their product to the public helped further establish the company, and their new product, in the market.

Working at The FoodBowl, the company had access to technology and equipment that would have been cost prohibitive while in the start-up phase. Jess and Brain also benefited from The FoodBowl’s network of other food entrepreneurs to share contacts and best practice.

“Working with The FoodBowl has helped us validate the business model and give us credibility for the next steps,” Brian added.

After six months at The FoodBowl, CocoWow has now launched successfully into the New Zealand market place and has proven a viable product with high export potential. Brian and Jess are currently on the search for international partners to assist with growing the export side of the business.

With CocoWow, The Bowser is combining mindful nutrition with food innovation.