Cookie Time Ltd


Cookie Time Limited (CTL) is an iconic family-owned Canterbury business established in 1983. Founded on the hugely successful Cookie Time® Original ChocolateTM Chunk Cookie, CTL’s portfolio has since expanded to include a range of Cookie Time cookie flavours and sizes, as well as Bumper Bar®, Bumper Slice™ and One Square Meal®. Today, the company employs more than 80 full time staff

For Cookie Time, smart entrepreneurship and innovation are fundamental driving forces – from new products and new markets to new thinking. Their great tasting quality products made with premium natural ingredients are now sold at 6000 outlets across New Zealand. As well as supermarkets, cafes and dairies, and the quintessential factory shop in Templeton, CTL have opened two new concept retail stores in Queenstown and Tokyo. Plans for further growth and innovation are in the pipeline.

At FoodSouth’s Open Day in November 2015, Cookie Time Ltd demonstrated how they plan to utilise the NZ Food Innovation Network’s South Island facility to support their business growth and innovation activities.

Having access to a food safe pilot scale production space allows them to test new flavours and formats without disruption to commercial production. They can bring in their own ingredients and a couple of staff and use small scale equipment to trial batches as small as 5 or 10kg. Without this facility “just down the road”, to scale up innovation ideas CTL would need to tie up hours of time in the plant with many staff and large batches of ingredients. During busy times in the plant, disrupting commercial production in the factory to test and trial new products simply isn’t feasible.

Because FoodSouth’s food safety plan is accredited for local and export market, clients can send samples of new products for taste testing locally and overseas to the target end consumer.

An example of this in action was a green tea cookie showcased at the FoodSouth Open Day. While this may seem an unusual flavour to New Zealand consumers, the target for this product is the discerning and lucrative Japanese market. CTL were able to produce product in small batches on equipment replicable to their own, and wrap it in their own branded film using FoodSouth’s flow wrapper. These samples could then be sent to CTL’s Tokyo store to get valuable feedback from the very consumer they were designed for.

FoodSouth are pleased to have Cookie Time Ltd as an inaugural client utilising the new facility. FoodSouth completes the NZ Food Innovation Network and will assist South Island firms wanting to develop new products for local and international markets, contributing to economic development in the region, and growth of export receipts in the Food and Beverage sector.