Ecology + Co


Diana and Will Miller are on a mission to provide an alcoholic alternative without compromise with their social enterprise, Ecology + Co.

Ecology + Co. produces premium alcohol free gin made from small batch distillations of traditional gin botanicals and spice blends.

Their ambition is fueled by a passion to create a better world, with each purchase funding projects that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Ecology + Co. contacted The FoodBowl when they found it difficult to find commercial facilities to support the production volumes they wanted to produce and The FoodBowl was the perfect solution to meet this need.

The support provided by The FoodBowl team along with the appropriate equipment needed for production provided a positive experience for the Ecology + Co. team. The FoodBowl team worked with Diana and Will to plan and execute commercial production at The FoodBowl, making sure that all aspects of production were managed in order to produce their high quality product.

‘We had been struggling with finding the right partner with the appropriate focus on the level of care needed when working with a product like ours. The FoodBowl made the difference between us having to go and get a massive cash injection to build our own in-house capability (which would have slowed us down massively) and being able to scale at the rate dictated by our brand new category.’ Diana Miller, Ecology + Co.