Farmers Mill


Farmers Mill is a Timaru based company that produces premium flours and flour-based premixes from New Zealand grown wheat. State-of-the-art milling equipment designed specifically for New Zealand grain means Farmers Mill can deliver fully traceable, high quality products to its customers.

Since opening in June 2013 Farmers Mill has become a leading supplier to the New Zealand baking sector supplying iconic brands such as Griffins Foods, Coupland Bakeries, French Bakery and Baker Boys, as well as high-end artisan retailers like Little & Friday in Auckland and the Rangiora Bakery in Canterbury.

As part of its commitment to developing innovative, value-added products Farmers Mill is partnering with FoodSouth and Lincoln University to identify new market opportunities to further its growth. The project which encompasses both market development and product innovation aims to identify prospective export markets and develop a range of nutritious flours and flour-based premixes specifically for those markets.

Farmers Mill is owned by 12 South Island farmers, and is New Zealand’s only independent grower-owned and operated flour producer and baking supplier.