Innovative chef Genevieve Knights, owner of fresh food company Genevieve’s, was up for a lucrative Private Label contract and needed an accredited premise quickly in order to win the business. The FoodBowl helped Genevieve get the project off the ground in the short time frame and deliver a range of premium products to her customer.

``If you are working with cutting edge innovation and quality, it makes it harder for other brands to keep up with what you are doing,’’ says Genevieve. ``If you can do pâté, you can do anything. We have a very positive additive-free stance with our products – we don’t work with emulsifiers or preservatives – and this adds to the quality. If an issue crops up, we find a way of dealing with it without putting in artificial ingredients.

``One day during a test run I had to dump 80kg of mix and I was ready to flee the building. The customer manager stopped me and suggested `let’s have a group meeting and find a way forward’. ‘The FoodBowl brought in a consultant and the issue was resolved quickly. I had a unique process and we put in two extra steps to ensure the quality and emulsification (of the fat and meat) was maintained. That’s the hardest thing about pâté – the emulsification.

Genevieve’s award-winning range includes six varieties of parfait and mousse (pâté) and six fresh dressings as well as supplying My Food Bag with their own bespoke recipes – and there are plenty more new products in the pipeline.

``The FoodBowl is a great place for research and development. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any manufacturer looking to develop and launch a range of food or beverage products - especially those who don’t have their own kitchen space, or their own space is monopolised by other production.’’

Through The FoodBowl, Genevieve was able to commission her own premises in West Auckland. “Working with The FoodBowl meant I could pre-test my processing system under their Risk Management Programme and have access to onsite customer managers and technicians to help me crunch ideas and work through issues,’’ says Genevieve. Moving in earlier this year they now expect to double their staff to six by the end of 2018.

A former head chef, Genevieve says she wants to achieve one new home-branded range a year, as well as grow her own Genevieve’s products over the next five years. ``We are now in a position to double our business every year, and after five years we will reassess that”.