Goju Wellness Shots


It was overseas inspiration for vitality that saw young entrepreneur, Tom Hartles of Goju, embark on a mission to provide New Zealand with a range of convenient wellness shots; Ginger, Turmeric and Charcoal.

The challenge for Tom to make this a reality was he couldn’t find a suitable facility that could support production into a 60ml shot bottle.

However The FoodBowl was able to provide the perfect mix of infrastructure, expertise and support to offer a practical solution:

‘The FoodBowl was a great way for us to test the product in the market and it meant that we had all the tools at our availability to do so. With no contract manufacturers able to fill or cap our 60ml bottle efficiently, The FoodBowl provided the necessary equipment to make our project possible’

For Tom, the experience with partnering with The FoodBowl for production has been one based on positivity and people power;

‘The experience has been really good at The FoodBowl. The staff have been great to work with and super helpful! If it wasn't for their willingness to help, Goju would not be possible’

Tom credits The FoodBowl as the place to go if you want to bring your product to market but puts particular emphasis on the support provided to start ups, especially those with an innovative food idea but are new to the food industry;

‘It is a great means to bring products to the market. They have a lot of know how when it comes to food and beverage so for someone who was new to the industry it was a big bonus having the wealth of knowledge The FoodBowl possess at my disposal. Without The FoodBowl we would not have been able to launch Goju with our current means. They have given us the ability to bring our product to the market’

Tom is currently in regular production at The FoodBowl to produce his range of wellness shots.

When asked if he would recommend The FoodBowl, Tom says:

‘I would recommend The FoodBowl as they possess a lot of knowledge in the industry. If they don't know what to do, they will put you in touch with someone that does. They have great equipment, all the health and safety requirements and friendly staff which makes developing and launching a product a lot easier’