Gourmet Baby


Susan Vick launched Gourmet Baby in 2017 to meet the needs of young New Zealand families transitioning their babies onto solids. As a mum herself she has been looking for a simple solution to help with her own family and found a gap in the market for tasty, nutritious baby food that met the commonly adopted “3-5 day rule”, a system for starting babies on solids.

Initially trialling batches at home and trying them out on a group of mums as well has her own “chief product taster” her five-month-old daughter, Susan perfected the recipes until they were just right, getting both the parent and child tick of approval.

When it came time to launch her products Susan quickly realised getting her home kitchen to be compliant to the new Ministry of Primary Industry’s regulations was going to be a complicated and expensive process. She promptly started looking for an alternative – which lead her to The FoodBowl. With a Risk Management Program and Food Control Plan in place she knew that commercialising with The FoodBowl would ensure that she could fulfil her number one priority – making food safe products!

The first run was a steep learning curve, upscaling the product from kitchen to commercial process had its challenges, but the support and guidance from The FoodBowl team helped Susan to successfully launch her range. Making use of the commercial sized tanks, fillers, pumps and more recently a vertical form fill sealer increased capacity. Gourmet Baby now has “Solid Starter Packs” in retailers as well as her own busy online store selling both the starter packs and individual flavours. With new products in the pipeline, export enquiries and recently being shortlisted for a New Zealand Food Award Susan is excited to see what the future brings for her business.

Susan summed up her experience “I have personally gained a wealth of experience with the development of the Gourmet Baby range at The FoodBowl, I can now confidently process my product and use the technology and equipment that just over a year ago I had no knowledge existed. I have grown in myself, the scale of this baby food business and journey is such that I can’t wait to find new and innovative ways to use new technology and stream line my manufacturing processes.”